Things You Should Never Do At University

Whilst it’s possible to really let your hair down and get away with a considerable amount at university, there’s definitely an unwritten list (which we’re about to write) of THINGS YOU SHOULD NEVER DO AT UNIVERSITY.

From being suckered by the system to bragging about your gap yah, hold your hats and hope that you haven’t already made more than one or two of these uni bloopers.

Fresh Fresher Meat

Student Unions are devilishly good at tricking students into spending their money on Freshers’ wristbands, locking you into attending a host of events when you’re probably better off just meeting students on a night out.

School Results

This is university now…no one cares about what you did at school and the grades you got.

This Is The New Me

Sometimes you see a student and something just doesn’t quite fit. That’s probably because they’re trying to put on a façade or act. Just be you, be friendly and approachable and you’ll be set.

Don’t Be Offensive

From language to inappropriate fancy dress in the first week, you don’t want to be the person known on campus for making a big faux pas.

Don’t Lie About Doing Things

Whether it’s how much you can drink or pretending you’ve taken drugs. No one’s going to judge you so there’s no point in embarrassing yourself.

Don’t Blow Your Loan

We all love the stories of the guy who blew his entire student loan in the first week. But that’s funny because it’s not you! Don’t let that happen either.

Avoid Your Flatmates

Well not like that, but don’t be the flat mate who sleeps with another of your flat mates during Freshers’ week.

You’ll probably end up having a semi awkward relationship for the entirety of the first year and ruin each others university experience. Just don’t.

Night Out 101

Make sure you always eat before you go out on the town. No one wants to have to take you home early and no one wants to see you be sick either.

Don’t Be A DJ

Just don’t…please. Don’t.

Know Your Limit

If you’re not a big drinker then don’t force it. There’s no point trying to impress others by drinking more than you can handle. Would you be impressed by someone being sick?!

Don’t Be Boring Because You Already Have A Boy/Girlfriend

We’ve all got one of those friends who doesn’t go out because they’re bf/gf from home won’t like it. Just suck it up and enjoy yourself!

Avoid Being A PJ Wearer

Definitely don’t go to each morning lecture in you pajamas and Uggs please…only if it’s for some epic joke.

Don’t Buy Individual Cigarettes Off People

Please don’t be that person who wanders around offering to buy a cigarette off someone for £1…you suck.

No Weekend Home Trips

Hey where’s Matt? Oh he went home for the weekend…again. Why not go to uni at your hometown then? Please for us.

Don’t Be A Taxi Driver

As in…if you bring your car you’ll spend half your time at university taxiing people around picking them up after a night out.

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