Making the Most out of your University Experience

A how to guide for making the most out of your university experience. An insight of where to go, when to try your hardest to make friends and what opportunities to join in with.


Go out as much as you can in freshers/re-freshers week

This is the time of year at university where you have no work, a healthy bank account and a lot of time on your hands.

Yes it will be difficult to go out every night (for some) but try your best to do it.

You’ll regret staying in months down the line when you’re stuck in the library with 3 deadlines due.

Freshers is the time to really make friends too!

So make sure when you’re steaming, speak to as many students as you can (I know what you’re thinking.. speaking to people whilst drunk, where will you find the confidence?).

But just remember, you don’t need to add them all on Snapchat, you’ll regret that the next day when you’re asking yourself “how do I have 20 new adds on Snapchat?” and “omg they’ve seen me rolling in my sick on my story” – not such a great first impression..

Make friends with people on your course

For those that don’t know anyone on their course, this seems obvious.

But for those in with a friend, you forget to actually speak to others.

This is important when it comes to group assignments, you don’t want to have to scrape the barrel with the unreliable students – you’ll end up doing all the work.

Take part in activities with your flatmates/friends

Sometimes going out in town isn’t enough, you need to actually spend time with your flatmates to really get to know them.

Take a trip to the beach or go to an unseen screening at Odeon.

Okay, so some of the films aren’t amazing, but after watching a rubbish film with good people, it’s certainty an experience that will always be remembered.

Celebrate special events together

Whether it’s someone’s birthday coming up or Christmas, make an affect to do something together.

Go out for your flatmate’s birthday and make memories.

Share a Christmas meal together before you all go home – it doesn’t have to cost a bomb if there’s 8 of you – take a trip to Aldi and Lidl.

But remember, if you do most of the cooking, you do less of the cleaning..

Join a society

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and maybe there isn’t one particular society that attracts you; but make an effort to attend the taster sessions, even if it’s just an opportunity to meet some new people.

But who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy it?

Go to your summer ball

Every uni is different; your summer ball is either a black tie event brewing a good night out in the club, or a festival style “ball” where you spend the day weeing in portaloos, either way it’s an event you can’t miss!

Work hard and play harder

University is a really important time of a young person’s life.

It’s the chance to achieve a degree to ensure work in the future, but it’s also the opportunity to meet new people and develop yourself as a person.

So make sure you give yourself the rewards that you need.