To Pre-Drink or not to Pre-Drink?

That is indeed the question! If you’re desperate to have a good night but your dwindling student loan won’t allow it then pre-drinks could be the one for you. Here we outline the pros and cons of the “pre-drink”.

As a side note, we always want to enforce responsible drinking! So be smart and safe.

Pre-Drinking Pros

Save Money

It goes without saying that the cost of buying your own alcohol is a fraction of those charged by bars and clubs.

Take the example of wine, a single glass on a night out can cost over £5, a few glasses in and you’re already racking up a substantial tab. Whereas you can buy an entire bottle (to SHARE!) for this amount from the shop.

Take Your Time

If you aren’t keen on being rushed then you should be the first to suggest pre-drinks.

It allows you to get ready whilst keeping everyone else occupied. You also won’t have to leave the house as early as usual as people will already have warmed up for the night.

Drinking Games

Possibly the best part of a night out is when everyone gets into the swing of drinking games.

Drinking for the sake of it is boring but drinking for a purpose, such as being ashamed in I Have Never, is much more enjoyable. In fact, you’ll probably be having so much fun that you’ll all regret when that one person says lets go out.

Pre-Drinking Cons

Going Overboard

One of the biggest issues of pre-drinks is you’ll always know people who over-do it.

There’s a balance between being loosey goosey before going to a club and being too drunk to function. Remember getting too drunk is not only a mistake but you’ll also likely leave the house like you’re in drag and you’ll also be putting a dampener on all your friends’ night too.

House Party Mess

If you don’t control proceedings and allow things to get out of hand then chances are you’re going to end up having spillages, broken glasses and a lot of mess to clean up on a hangover. Pro tip: maybe invest in some plastic party cups to save yourself a lot of dishes and broken glasses.

Make Them BYOB

It’s ok to sub a friend with a couple of drinks on occasion, but a whole gaggle of booze free friends?

Think again. Make sure everyone brings their own booze otherwise your special Smirnoff Vodka is going to disappear in a flash instead of a steady flow.

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