20 Things To Do Before Leaving Uni

University is an opportunity for us all to branch out and grow a little as human beings. From meeting new people to taking risks and trying new things, there’s a new and exciting experience waiting around every corner at university.

If you want to make sure your time at uni is truly eventful then we’ve come up with a uni bucket list of sorts to help ensure you live your university life to the fullest!

1. Join a random club. Get yourself out of your comfort zone and mix things up a little, even if it’s just a one-off.

2. Go on a date with someone outside your comfort zone…who knows you might have a great time or at least have a funny story to tell on your next date.

3. Hand in an essay early. It might sound boring but by being efficient you can be enjoying yourself whilst the rest of your buddies are stressing at the last minute.

4.Explore the area! You’ll be amazed how many people will stick to their chosen routes and areas, explore a little and you’ll find hidden treasures from bars to shops.

5. Become a cheerleader! Ok maybe not but why not trying going to a uni sports game and get carried away in the stands.

6. Rock up to a morning lecture in your PJs just like all the posh girls do (Uggs are optional).

7.Go on a weekend getawaywith your uni friends. Whether you can visit the beach or a countryside escape, sometimes getting away from it all for a day or two is a great thing to do.

8. Go check out a drama department performance! There’s usually so much going on around campus that you won’t know about, why not check out a free performance with a few friends or a date?

9.Join in with a protest!

10.Streak around campus…preferably with friends.

11. Try going on a night out completely sober. You might have a great time or at least be able to avoid having bear goggles.

12.Pre-drinks! It’s the basis of all university life and usually pre-drinks are better than the night out. So get some friends round, socialise and have some fun.

13.Crash a random lecture…if you do then you may as well try one that you actually have an interest in. Who knows you may even want to change your course afterwards.

14.Start a conga line on a night out or at the uni bar. You’ll be the life of the party and immediately have won your way into peoples’ hearts.

15. Actually explore your university campus!

16.If you have a park or garden on your campus then why not stage a ridiculously stylish picnic with you and your friends. You’ll be immediately counted as campus royalty and probably have a building named after you.

17. Spend more time outside than in your room. Whether it’s hanging out with your flatmates or working a part-time job, the biggest crime you can commit at university is to spend all your time in your room.

18.Get a bike and ride it!

19.If you want to get to know your housemates or classmates better then why not suggest a Come Dine With Me for you to all take part in. It’s a great way to break the ice and get a few free meals.

20.Prank your housemates. Lets face it…university housemates aren’t all the brightest of sparks and often their half inebriated states make them ideal for pranks. So have a bit of fun at their expense on the odd occasion.

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