The Essential Uni Drinking Games

Looking to get the party started early? There’s no better way to get into the swing of things than with a few pre-night out drinking games!

We all know drinking games are an essential for students and with good reason!

Along with them being a lot of fun, they’re a great way to break the ice, get to know one another and of course save yourself from excessive spending if you actually make it onto your night out.

We’ve picked several of the absolute classics so you’ll always have a drinking game that you can pull out and suggest to your friends. So without further ado, here are our essential uni drinking games.

Never Have I Ever

A perfect way to get to know just who your university friends actually are!

The classic game requires everyone to begin a sentence with “never have I ever…” and add something embarrassing to finish the sentence.

Those who have actually done the act must drink.

It’s the perfect game to set up friends who you have dirt on, embarrass them or simply get them more drunk than you! Never Have I Ever is the perfect opener for Fresher’s Week.

Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire goes by a few different names, such as ‘Kings’ and ‘King’s Cup’, but the rules are fundamentally the same. So grab yourself a pack of cards and a glass, then spreads the cards around the glass face down.

We won’t go into all the details but the gist is that players pick a cards (each of which are allocated a rule). Players must then enact the rule, whether it is making someone else drink, give someone a task etcetc.


This is for the more hardcore drinkers out there or those who love a challenge.

Centurion requires you to drink 100 shots (or sips of your drink) in as many minutes. It’s highly recommended that you go for lower alcohol levels if you dare take part in this game, otherwise you could regret it the next day.

Task Master

A good socialiser, Task Master requires someone to be appointed the ‘task master’ by however your friends choose (rock, paper, scissor is usually the decision-maker).

The Task Master appoints a task to someone from the group and they must carry it out with someone who doesn’t know you’re playing a game.

The drinking comes in if you refuse to do the task (drink your full drink), the task fails (drink half your drink), if you pass the task (everyone else drinks) you become the new Task Master.


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