5 Affordable Ways to Surprise your Girlfriend

5 Affordable Ways to Surprise your Girlfriend

Looking to impress a new lady friend at university but running low on the ol’ student loan?

Cheap may be your favourite word but it isn’t likely going to be your partners! Fortunately everyone loves a surprise, so if you think outside the box a little and do some planning then you can be in her good books without going overdrawn.

Here’s our list of the best ways to surprise your girlfriend on the cheap whilst at university…and if these don’t work you’ll always have the lads.

Plants – Flowers are so last year and is it really a sweet gesture to give someone dying flowers?

Why not instead opt for a cute cactus or succulent plants; they not only look super cool but also you barely need to water them.

Little plants can be yours for as little as £1 and they’re a great way to bring some life and decoration to her room.

You’ll also get some bonus points for thinking outside the box and not going the traditional route of flowers.

Your Favourite Sweater –  Short on ideas and funds for a present?

Something that will undoubtedly mean a lot to her is if you give her that sweater of yours that she loves to wear when she’s come over.

Not only will it be a nice little treasure of hers but also a permanent reminder of just how considerate and generous you are.

Breakfast in Bed – Cook some pancakes, chop some fruit, squeeze some juice (maybe a little fizz)!

Cook some pancakes, chop some fruit, squeeze some juice (maybe a little fizz) and you’re well on your way to making a great impression without having to fork out for an expensive meal at a restaurant. It’s ideal if you’re just after a relaxing day in and an opportunity for you to show off your cooking skills.

If cooking isn’t your forte then we’d suggest to lay off too much of the full English breakfast and opt for something a little healthier and lighter.

A Pamper Session – You don’t have to take a trip to the spa to feel pampered

You don’t have to take a trip to the spa to feel pampered.

If you’re girlfriend is looking for a little TLC then why not treat her to a nice bath bomb, a face mask and nice scented candle?

Chuck on her favourite music and you can jump on the console whilst she’s relaxing in the bath.

PS. the most important thing to remember is to make sure your bathrooms in a good state first!

Dinner – Okay, we admit that there are occasions where a nice dinner is in order.

But to make it all the more special why not make a reservation without her knowing about it. Look for small and classic restaurants where there’s a nice atmosphere or her favourite cuisine.

Do a quick search online for the latest discounts and offers at restaurants to see if you can have a great time and save yourself some pennies too

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